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Welcome to
Women Thrive Global

Women Thrive Global

Welcome to Women Thrive Global. We are a global movement of women who are on a journey of self-discovery, healing, freedom and transformation from the grip and effects of unresolved trauma and mental health battles. We are CEOs, business executives, mothers, sisters, wives, grandmothers, entrepreneurs, artists, coworkers, teachers, your next-door neighbor, women of all faiths, socio economic backgrounds, and so much more.

We Learn To Bury The Pain

Unresolved trauma affects every area of a woman’s life and when it is undealt with, can cause lingering emotional sabotage, mental health problems, abuse and so much more. As women, we learn to bury the pain and wear a masked smile through life all the while concealing the emotional wounds.

Image by Joel Muniz

We say No More!

We say no more! At Women Thrive Global, we walk through life and heal together through a strong belief and understanding of the word of God, therapy, education on mental health and trauma, community events, women’s conferences, annual retreats, and practical lessons to propel us to thrive and change the world around us!

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Women Thrive Global

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