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WTG Life Coaching Program

Overcoming trauma is not an easy feat, believe me, I know. I spent years praying, fasting, reading, joining multiple meetups but I still went home alone, broken, angry and even the times I felt I was fine and strong, something comes in and triggers emotions I had buried, and I fall to pieces. Does this sound like you?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in praying, fasting, reading my Bible and I trust that God loves us so incredibly unconditional and wants us to be healed. I believe that as we are doing the spiritual, God wants us to also do the natural. Many churches shy away from telling people to seek life coaching or therapy and so you have many people who are saved but still bound. Their lives look good until something triggers the undealt traumatic emotions. Have you been there? Guilt sets in, you feel like you’re not good enough or your salvation and healing is a façade, and the enemy tells you the best thing to do is isolate yourself from everyone. Depression then sets in; do you get the picture I’m painting? I’ve been there and have known many women who have been there and working to overcome.

There are many lingering emotions that can last a lifetime if undealt with. As a Certified Christian Mental Health Coach, Certified Professional Life Coach, and coupled with my own personal struggles and overcoming, I am very well-equipped to guide you through your journey of freedom. To sign up for a one-on-one coaching with me, fill out the form below.

What's in the WTG Life Coaching Program:

  • This is a 16-week program with step by step content to help you accomplish your goal of freedom

  • Each session is 90 minutes long per week

  • Each session will follow the lesson of the week along with homework

  • We will pray together during each session. (If you are not a Christian, you are very welcome to sign up for the coaching as well. I do not push my beliefs on clients but due to my own experiences, I will refer to my faith in many of the sessions)

  • During each session, we will take out 5-10 minutes for intimate worship

  • You’ll have access to me, my team and our private Facebook group after the 12 weeks is over so you don’t have to ever do life alone.

  • Here are a few of some of the topics we will cover on this journey:

    • Empowering thinking and self-talk​

    • Developing awareness and mindfulness

    • Daily scriptures to help in strengthening you

    • How to pray effectively

    • Fasting methods

    • Empowering emotions and beliefs

    • Passion and purpose

    • Rewriting your life story

    • Neuro Linguistic Programming`

    • Forgiveness and release

    • And much more…


To schedule a complimentary strategy call, fill out the form below

How should we contact you?
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