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Who is Nancy?

Nancy Azeez is a dynamic, Transformative Speaker, Board Certified Christian Mental Health Coach, Certified Professional Life Coach, and an award-winning Business Consultant.

Nancy believes that many times, God reveals our destinies to us through our own pain and adversity and once He brings us out, heals us, and lifts us up, He positions us to liberate others. The vision of Women Thrive Global was born out of this belief and through the services Nancy offers, Nancy helps other women and families thrive. Nancy has worked with women and families to bring about healing and freedom since 2015 through one-on-one coaching, small groups, conferences, nonprofits, and prayer teams at her local church.

Nancy has over 12 years of entrepreneurial, leadership, and managerial experience working and developing under brands such as Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa, Starbucks, Omni Hotels and Resorts, Olive Garden, Intuit Turbo tax, Snap Finance, and more.


Nancy also offers small and mid-size companies, nonprofits and executives and other leaders workshop trainings at the workplace to help reduce turnovers, burnout, increase productivity and foster a healthy workplace. People matter. Mental health matters. Success matters in business and having the right people who are happy to be there makes for a winning team and profitable business.

For companies wanting to book Nancy for workshop trainings and leadership counseling, please visit

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What to expect:

Nancy is available for keynotes, panels, workshops, podcasts, and radio and tv interviews.

All of Nancy’s speaker sessions are based around helping her audiences:

  • Be informed and enlightened

  • Take massive action

  • Have their lives transformed

  • Find hope, healing, and freedom

  • Be accountable and see results

  • Be empowered to change

  • Impact the world around them

Click here to view and download Nancy's Speaker Sheet and Reel


Nancy speaks on topics about Mental Health, Christianity, Business and Entrepreneurship. For example: 


Topic #1

Break Free from Unresolved Trauma: 5 Steps to living an abundant life

There are many people walking through life with unresolved trauma and society tells them to be strong, forgive and forget, pray it away, it’s not a big deal and so many other damaging instructions from inexperienced people who sometimes mean well but don’t have what it takes to help. Trauma when undealt with bleeds through every area of your life and affects your relationships, career, families, finances, mindset and even how you view your relationship with God. After a session with Nancy, you will walk away with the same proven steps she took to overcome her trauma. Your life is sure to change for the better.

Topic #2

7 Lessons on How to Bulletproof your second marriage

Divorce is painful no matter the reason and when God gives you the courage to find love again, statistically the odds are stacked against second marriages. In this session, Nancy uses her own experiences to teach audiences seven lessons to learn to save their second (or first) marriages and beat the statistics.


Topic #3

Saved but bound: How Christians can heal through therapy and coaching

A lot of Christians shy away from therapy because they feel it diminishes their faith in God. This is a terrible misconception that has kept a lot of people bound to past pains, terrible relationships, abuse and ultimately trauma. Nancy uses her own experiences to educate audiences on the importance of therapy along with praying and fasting and overcoming religious legalism.

Topic #4

Customer Success Mastery: How companies can increase revenue by mastering the 5 steps of the Customer Journey

In this session, Nancy walks company leaders, owners, and their teams through the five steps of the entire customer journey and gives them strategies on how to master each stage to win the customer and increase sales.

To book Nancy for customer experience consulting, please visit


Topic #5

Creating Raving Fans: How to build loyal fans who market for you for free.

Marketing is expensive, and we all know that it cost more to get new customers than to keep the current ones happy. Nancy teaches companies and their teams 6 steps to building loyal customers and creating reward programs. Companies will learn exactly how to create these raving fans who love them so much they tell everyone about them.

Topic #6

10 Steps to jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey

The great resignation created a massive boost in business startups. As we all know, it is quite exciting to want to take a leap of faith, quit the security of a paid job and embark on the journey of entrepreneurship but most ill prepared people and sometimes very well-prepared people find out that it is not a cake walk. Nancy using her educational background, over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience teaches audiences 10 specific steps one must take to embark on this journey successfully.


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